Energy Secretary Stephen Chu Now Has a Facebook Fan Page

stephen chu facebook page image

I won't try to make some vast social statement about the infiltration of Facebook into seemingly every aspect of modern life in the United States, but the fact that the US Secretary of Energy, Dr Stephen Chu now has a fan page on Facebook surely says something about the omnipresence of social networking. Perhaps even more than your parents friending you. According to the DOE press release, the launch of it was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Here's how Chu will be using his page:On the new fan page, the Energy Secretary will,

explain some of the cutting edge research and technology that is laying the foundation for the next generation of clean energy jobs, and answer questions submitted by visitors of the page.  He will also offer an inside look at the Obama Administration’s work to ensure America’s leadership in building a clean energy economy and confronting the global climate crisis.

Fans of Dr Chu will also be able to pick up tips on energy efficiency and other ways to reduce their home energy bills.

No word on if in his spare time Dr Chu will be challenging other members of the Obama administration to IQ quizzes, cultivating his (Lil) Green Patch, or perhaps participating in the Summer of Social Good.

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