End of Suburbia Director to Launch ResilientCITY - the Future of Our Cities (Video)

ResilientCity documentary image

Image credit: Resilient Planet
The End of Suburbia and its sequel, Escape from Suburbia, might just be the most influential documentaries within the environmental movement to be seen in recent years. True, they may not have achieved the mainstream success of An Inconvenient Truth, but I have met so many people whose worldview was profoundly shaken by film makers Gregory Greene and Barry Silverthorne and their uncompromising take on peak oil and its implications for our way of life. A little while back Jesse informed us that the pair were working on a third film about the future of our cities. Now they've released a trailer to let us know what we are in for. And it looks every bit as good as its predecessors. Found via Rob Hopkins' Transition Culture website (Rob and his work clearly feature heavily in the movie), the trailer is, apparently, a rough cut of a trailer that will be released in early 2011—I haven't as yet, found word of when the movie itself will make it out into the world.

The future home of the ResilientCITY project (ResilientPlanet.com) is so far a placeholder page, so it's a fair bet we have a while to wait yet. But if the trailer is anything to go by, this will be another important contribution to the movement. Like Escape from Suburbia before it, it also looks like one that focuses on solutions, as well as problems. I for one am excited.

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