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Delegates and attendees at the COP15 will be treated to a special issue of Ode magazine. The issue is titled "Solutions We Need Now," and is being distributed for free in Copenhagen and as an online edition for readers in the rest of the world.Jurriaan Kamp, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Ode, told TreeHugger:

It seems there is enough talk about the problems of climate change, but not nearly as much talk about the solutions. The technology is available and affordable. We can quickly transform our fossil fuel based economies into sustainable renewable energy based economies while creating millions of jobs and cleaning up the planet. This special issue of Ode is shouting the message that the solutions are waiting to be implemented. The people that are now gathering in Copenhagen need to hear as much as all of us. It is very simple: change begins with information.

Amidst the controversy and debates of the COP15, it is refreshing to hear someone talk about real solutions. Ode, which describes itself as a magazine for "intelligent optimists," argues that "the problem of global warming presents an inspiring opportunity to make our world a better place."

Asked about the importance of optimism in the face of the dire message of climate science, Mr. Kamp commented:

The necessary optimism is not about the science of global warming. It is about the many, many bright opportunities to respond to the challenges that global warming poses. Pessimism is the last thing that helps in such a situation. We need to act. And the good news is that we can. It is possible that we generate all the electricity we need on the planet in a clean and renewable way within the next decade. That is not just optimism, it is intelligent optimism as it is based on as valid scientific facts as the ones that support the threats of climate change. The very politicians getting together in Copenhagen need to find the way to creatively destruct the existing conventional energy industry. That more than anything else should be on the agenda in Copenhagen.

Download your own free copy of "Ode: Solutions We Need Now" today.

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