Metropolis' 2007 Next Generation Design Competition: Energy

Seeking to empower the next generation of design and designers, Metropolis magazine has announced its 2007 Next Generation design competition. In its fourth year (we covered the previous two winners: Hydro Wall and Biopaver), the competition recognizes and promotes design innovation, and this year, will be focused on a subject near and dear to TreeHugger's heart: energy, its uses, reduction, consumption, efficiencies, and alternatives. The winner receives $10,000 to fully realize the idea, and gets a feature in the mag. The competition is open to young designers in practice 10 years or less; including CAD monkeys in large offices, design students, independent firms or individuals. On your own or in teams, you're invited to submit work on urban plans, buildings, interiors, products, landscapes or communications design. We can't wait to see the next big idea! ::Metropolis