Emily Deschanel Honored as Animal Advocate, Ryan and Scarlett Share "The Whale," and More

emily deschanel humane society photo

Photo: David Shankbone/Creative Commons

Actress Emily Deschanel is the recipient of the Humane Society of the United States' most recent Humane Advocate Award -- which highlights her animal rights work, from her vegan diet to her campaigns against dogfighting. While she says she was "honored to receive the award," the "Bones" actress also took the opportunity to point out that you don't have to be famous to make a difference in the life of an animal: "We can all be effective animal advocates by simply adopting from a shelter or rescue group, refusing to wear fur, or going vegetarian for at least one day a week." (Via Mother Nature Nework)

Adrian Grenier on Why Water Matters

Video: Emma Grady

At the charity: water annual gala, celebrities including John Slattery, Summer Rayne Oakes, and Adrian Grenier -- plus many others -- raised more than $1 million for the organization's programs that bring clean water to the world. TreeHugger's Emma Grady caught up with Grenier in this exclusive video interview, where he talks about why improving global water quality is so important.

Ryan and Scarlett Share Custody of "The Whale"

Video: YouTube

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were a husband-and-wife team when they signed on as two of the producers of "The Whale," a documentary about a killer whale who develops a relationship with the residents of a Canadian town. But with the couple's announcement this week that they're divorcing, the LA Times' Ministry of Gossip blog wondered what would happen to the film (which Reynolds narrates). According to a producer, there's nothing to worry about: "We have no reason to believe that their passion and commitment to this project will waver as a result of any changes in their personal lives."

Why Driving is Green for Leilani Münter

Video: The Huffington Post

Racecar driver Leilani Münter -- whose environmental efforts include speaking out against the dolphin slaughter shown in "The Cove" and purchasing an acre of rainforest to offset the emissions from every race she participates in -- joined The Huffington Post for an interview about how staying on the road helps her spread the green message. "There's 75 million NASCAR fans in the United States," she says. "If I wasn't driving a racecar, I wouldn't be able to bring that message to that many people. And when you realize that me parking my racecar doesn't actually keep a racecar off the track, I think I have much more of a positive effect by still racing my car."

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