Green IT For Dummies Puts Green Tech Advice in Print


Photo of data center via Robert Scoble

I’d like to think that here at TreeHugger, we give you all the Green IT run down you need to stay on top of things like data center improvements, smart grid info, green computer upgrades and whatnot – and all in real time, for free! But, if you feel the itch for something more, there happens to be a new reader-friendly resource coming your way in March of 2009. IT industry experts Carol Baroudi, Jeffrey Hill, Arnold Reinhold, and Jhana Senxian have teamed up to provide a consumer’s guide to green IT. With the massive push Google is giving to greening up the industry, and Microsoft scuttling behind, environmentally friendly IT is getting mainstream attention and people are curious about what is or isn’t green about cloud computing, PUE, smart metering, power management software, electronic document management, and so on.

Green IT For Dummies will provide an overview of what green technology is, what problems it can (and can't) solve, and how businesses or organizations might go about planning and implementing green technology solutions

It will likely be a pretty cool handbook for $24.99. But you can bet you’ll still find the latest on greening the industry right here.

Via Good Clean Tech
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