Green Graphics by Index Books (Video)

Green Graphics book cover and tree photo

It seems there is not shortage anymore of books covering eco products and sustainable architecture but when it comes to graphic design related to sustainability, this is the first book of its kind that I have come across. The cover of the book Green Graphics is a cute 3D puzzle that you can take out to build a cardboard tree. Inside are over 150 projects from more than 23 different countries related to the environment; either by the way they are made (materials, etc.) or by the message they give, such as awareness raising about global warming. This video shows you the book's content:

Written by Vicky Eckert, Efrén Zúñiga and Ana Freixas, the book divides the projects into the following categories: Energy+Water, Waste, Earth+Climate, Development, Products and Lifestyle, where you can find the book "34kg of CO2". Green Graphics is available via Index Books for 40€. ISBN: 978-84-92643-54-7

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