Emerging User Demands for Sustainable Solutions


Also known as 'EMUDE', this is the work of the Sustainable Everyday Project (SEP), which in turn was inspired by the workshops and book of the same name, which we mentioned three years ago. In short, it is a collection of inspiring and creative community-based endeavours to tackle the issues of environmental impact and social cohesion. The case studies were compiled by students from eight European schools. The tone then is thus a little stilted as English is not a first language and the stories are crafted using academic-speak. But once you bypass this bump in the road, the journey is very rewarding. Examples include Materjalid.net, an organization in Estonia, that supports reusing of valuable construction materials and building items, started by the delightfully named Center for Sustainable Renovation. Another project detailed is that of a bicycle 'repairsman' who visits you at home in fully equipped workshop minibus. An environmentally, socially and economically sustainable neighbourhood in the city of Utrecht, founded and developed by the inhabitants themselves. The Coach House Trust in Glasgow, Scotland, who provide occupational, educational and employment opportunities, via new environmental work skills through recycling materials, composting and landscaping for adults recovering from addiction. And the examples continue. A reminder not to wait for change by goverments or corporations, but to get out there and make it happen yourself. Big thanks to Doris for the tip. ::EMUDE.

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