domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Shalom Harlow


Thus far on our peek at the Green List, a project TreeHugger collaborated with domino magazine on, we've been concentrating on interiors, having covered rugs, wallcoverings, fabric and furniture, so today we're taking a break to train the spotlight on one of the outstanding green people on the list: Shalom Harlow. The cover girl and actress is serious about making green choices, whether it's the Linda Loudermilk denim in her closet, the grocery tote made from recycled rice bags she takes shopping, or the green websites she reads (and TreeHugger is on the list -- swoon!). We also like this: in response to the question, "How do you avoid being preachy?", she says, "Nobody responds to being made to feel judged -- I know I'd get defensive. It's about bringing awareness to topics someone hasn't considered." Read more about Shalom's green haunts & jaunts around New York at or flip the paper version to page 44. Stay tuned for more of domino-style green people, places & things. ::domino's Green List: Shalom Harlow