domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Graham Hill


Throughout our look at domino magazine's expansive Green List, we've been concentrating on products that can help you go greener, like furniture, fashion and fashion, but how does a real TreeHugger go green every day? domino followed TreeHugger's Graham Hill through a typical day, including his time in a nearly-paperless home office, "if it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down" and local beer from Brooklyn Brewery. Graham's got all the right gear (Loomstate & Van's organic cotton shoes and Voltaic's solar backpack) and all the right moves (unplugging to avoid phantom power, riding a bike and the subway instead of driving around New York) to be a green guru and "eco entrepreneur"; you'll have to click over to or flip to page 56 of the print version to see what Graham eats for breakfast, what he washes his hair with, and what time he goes to sleep. ::domino's Green List: Eco Entrepreneur Graham Hill