domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Cleaning


As we near the end of domino's Green List (just two more to go!), it's only natural that we include some details on how to clean up, green style. There are lots of simple, everyday way to be green while you clean, and regular TreeHugger readers will probably be familiar with at least a few. When it comes to scrubbing and wiping, Seventh Generation's laundry detergent and recycled paper towels and Ecover's dishwashing liquid made the list, along with a brand-new product from method. The guys who combined "modern" with "cleaning products" while mixing batches of non-toxic cleaners in a kitchen sink have added the o-mop, a Swiffer-like product that makes sweeping and mopping a little greener; it features a reusable microfiber pad for mopping (which combines with a host of non-toxic flooring cleaning solutions) and a compostable sweeping cloth, made from a corn-based material. For greener clothes washing, we fingered LG's Tromm Steamwasher, which, among other things, features a dizzyingly-fast spin cycle (to get more water out and reduce drying time) and one of the highest energy- and water-efficiency ratings in the industry, according to Energy Star. For more ways to tidy up without trashing the planet, surf over to and open your magazine to page 61. Tomorrow: food, glorious food! ::domino's Green List: Cleaning

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