ELLE Magazine Launches their 2nd "Green Issue"


We picked up the new issue of ELLE Magazine only to find that it was yet another "green issue" to hit the newsstands. But one thing that ELLE decided to do this month for their second annual "green issue" that others haven't, in honor of Earth Day, is to begin their own "Green Awards." Recognizing people like Al Gore, Heidi Cullen and Linda Loudermilk, the awards also include Yale University ("for practicing what it teaches"), the CF Bulb ("for evolving") and the SOS/Live Earth concert ("for rocking our world"). With Laurie David and Danny Seo as guest editors, the May issue of ELLE also includes environmental topics, eco fashion and beauty tips, interviews with celebrities such as Sheryl Crow (promoting her Stop Global Warming College Tour with David) and features on Orlando Bloom and Julia Roberts. We love that "green" is hitting the mainstream media and how readers are catching on. And with so much "green" information to write about, many other awards to be given (ahem) and so much more that is sure to come in the upcoming year, we're asking these glossies: why not make "green" a regular column in your magazine? ::ELLE Related: John Hardy is Offsetting Print Advertising, Vanity Fair, Outside, Domino, Glamour

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