Elegant Roots: Green Doesn't (Always) Come Cheap


Image credit: Elegant Roots

Whenever we post on the more luxury end of green items - whether it's Arms & Barnes reclaimed furniture or expensive electric cars - we always get hit with comments complaining that most folks can't afford to live like that. So I must admit that posting on Elegant Roots' sustainably made kids clothing and toys has me a little worried - $59 for an 'organic' penguin is likely to get some folks' backs up. But isn't cheap and ubiquitous what got us into this mess? Now I'm not in any way saying that everyone should rush out and buy $60 toys because they are green. As a soon-to-be first time parent, I'm sure our collection of toys will not be 100% virtuous and green.

But I'm not sure folks should complain about the price either. There are plenty of cheap green options out there after all too - from making your own to buying second hand to joining Freecycle. It seems to me that if someone is going to spend $60 on toys, then buying one or two well-made, safe and sustainable items beats filling up the toy chest with lead paint and plastic crap. (Not to mention there are plenty of 'luxury' toys out there that don't carry such green credentials...)

Anyhow - rant over. (Next time I'll respond to comments after they've been written.) A little more about Elegant Roots - besides penguins, the company also sells organic onesies, American-made kids outfits, and handmade wool toys. For the adults they also sell accessories, candles, jewelery and more. And most importantly of all, the site provides information on who made each product, what it's made from, and what makes it a better choice.

I for one am delighted to see companies like Elegant Roots out there. If you're going to spend money - spend it on something that's made to last.

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