El Hijo del Santo Wrestles Enemies of the Sea

Mexican professional wrestler, El Hijo del Santo, recently announced plans to support WiLDCOAST, a U.S.-based environmental organization. The organization’s current campaigns include: stopping sea turtle consumption in Mexico, defending protected areas on California’s coast, and working to save the gray whales in Baja California. The 7-time WWA World Welterweight Champion has pledged to devote the majority of this year to raising awareness about how human actions are threatening the ocean. Subsequently, El Hijo del Santo will visit coastal communities in northern Mexico and distribute educational comics featuring his character confronting threats to the ocean. Furthermore, the wrestler will travel to Latino communities in California to promote conservation and will head a petition effort in Mexico City demanding that lawmakers create more protected marine zones. Apparently, El Hijo Del Santo’s efforts mark a continuing tradition in which Mexican wrestlers participate in numerous public awareness campaigns. Enemies of the sea beware!

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