Eenee's Zero Waste Eco Nappies

Here at TreeHugger we’ve talked a lot about the war between washable, biodegradable or disposable nappies/diapers, but one Eco-Mum would like to tell us about her favourite eco-nappy, that helps to put poop in its place….down the toilet! Please welcome guest writer Jo Lambert and get to know Eenee’s Zero Waste Eco Nappies.

I use Eenees Pouch pants for my baby girl, and have found them to be the best option so far, and much more versatile and less bulky than other washables. Eenees have three simple parts to them:
1. cotton pant with elastic waist which fixes with Velcro (washable)
2. a waterproof pouch which poppers inside the cotton pant. (washable)
3. either…
a. Eenees compostable pads which flush down the toilet or go in the compost
b. Eenees Microfiber Superabsorbent Cloth Nappies (washable)
c. basic folded nappies or terries (washable)

The Calvin Kleins of Baby Nappies
The pouch pants are much more comfortable looking and allow for much more freedom of movement than other bulky plasticky nappy wraps…and their design has proved that even babies can look dashing in their Calvin Klein style pants!
I have found that they cause much less or no sore red marks like most other nappies, and the fact that they also fasten with velcro at the back which is very handy for Mums of little ones who like to get their kit off!

Compostable Option
Using the pouch pants with the compostable pads means that if you don’t fancy the idea of smelly nappy soaking buckets and doing more laundry, the compostable option is for you….you tear up the compostable pad and then just flush it down the toilet, then the pants, which stay mostly dry and clean, can be washed with the rest of the laundry.
There is an advantage of this way of disposing of biodegradable waste, because as we’ve heard before, even biodegradable disposables that go to landfill don’t degrade as they should. But with this system, the compostable pad, which does NOT contain any Velcro fastenings, elastic or other materials, goes with the other ‘biodegradable materials’ down to the sewage treatment works, where it has the possibility to degrade properly and be treated hygienically with other similar waste, as it should be.
The Eenees website provides tips on the best ways to flush, and also a visual set of results on degradation of Eenees compostables compared to other biodegradables.

Washable Option
I find that the fully washable option, using foldable absorbent nappies inside the pouch pants is a great ‘everyday at home’ option, and I love the fact that the pouch pant stays mostly dry and clean, so you only need wash them every few uses, not every single use (greatly reducing washloads). I’ve tried all kinds of other washables, and none of them are as versatile, comfortable, parent-and-eco-friendly as Eenees pouch pants! ::Eenee
[by Jo Lambert]

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