Edens Lost & Found — Great American Cities Restored

They might be small acts of do-goods but together America’s citizens are making a difference. Green is the new and growing movement many people choose to join. And this is what Edens Lost & Found, a multi-part PBS series, are highlighting. Local efforts of simply making cities more beautiful by creating communities, planting a wildflower oasis, converting rooftops into gardens, better transportation systems or Wifi for everyone are all local actions taken in a single city block. ‘But make no mistake about it’ says Van Jones in his foreword of the book Edens Lost & Found. ‘The true implications of their efforts are not just local. They are global’, he continues. The book is full of real-life stories of how ordinary citizens are setting up projects to make America’s cities more sustainable. The examples prove that environmental solutions can cost less instead of more and that they do trigger growth. Apart from the four example cities (Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Seattle) and its green projects, the book features a ‘Path to Sustainability’ with explanations and tips for Wasted Energy, Urban Forestry, Mass Transit or Pedestrian-Friendliness. Clear and simple tips into how Green Roofs work or how to build a Rain Garden can be found throughout the book. DVDs and individual books about each documented city are also available. Edens Lost & Found by Harry Wiland and Dale Bell is available through their web site and costs $30 USD in hardback. If you’d like to get involved, are looking for teaching material or would like to know how green your city is, just dip into the web site for a start. But be aware that just reading the enthusiastic and refreshing stories may inspire you to knock on your neighbours’ doors and get them to join you to grow a vegetable garden and cover your building with solar panels … ::Edens Lost & Found Thanks Mira & Todd for the tip!

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