Ed Begley's Back with a New Season of Living With Ed

Ed and Rachelle Begley don't have your typical Hollywood power struggle. Rachelle loves her glamorous lifestyle while Ed, well he strives for something a bit more modest. How these two can live together, let alone reconcile their opposing predilections, is a mystery.

But now, you can find the answer in the all new season of Living With Ed, premiering tonight at 9 eastern on Planet Green.How do you host a dinner party for your celebrity friends when the host is a vegan? Can a movie star really survive in a small, solar-powered, house? What will the neighbors think?

The solutions are not simple, but with Ed and Rachelle, they are always entertaining.

Watch these exclusive Living With Ed videos to get a preview of the action.

Don't miss the season premier, tonight at 9 eastern on Planet Green.
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