Ed Begley, Jr., Takes on Fox, Martha Talks Turkey, and More (Video)

Planet Green star Ed Begley Jr. took a break from his work on Living With Ed to stop by Fox News for a heated discussion about hacked emails that some say point to a global warming conspiracy. (See TreeHugger's piece on the truth about those emails for more details.) But what were the fighting words that sent the usually low-key Ed into a spin?Though things started out polite, with Begley saying, "Don't get your information from me, folks, or any newscaster. Get it from people with Ph.D. after their name," when host Stuart Varney said, "The science is not in, the debate is not over," the conversation quickly turned into both men yelling over each other, throwing out references to everything from incandescent light bulbs and energy audits to EZ Bake Ovens and L.A. air quality. See the full video above, and then tell us in the comments who you think came out on top.
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Martha Stewart Cooks for Vegetarians

martha stewart vegetarian thanksgiving photo
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If your vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner yesterday didn't leave you quite satisfied, then take next year's menu from Martha Stewart--who devoted her Thanksgiving episode to meat-free fare. After citing statistics about factory farming and meat consumption, and chatting with Food, Inc's Robert Kenner and Eating Animals writer Jonathan Safron Foer, Martha whips up a variety of vegetarian dishes that work as the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving meal--or as showy sides for chefs who haven't entirely given up the bird yet. See the videos on the Martha Stewart Living website, then check out the menus for a Hearty Vegetarian Thanksgiving and a Fresh and Festive Vegetarian Thanksgiving --and make sure next year's meal is one you can really appreciate. (Via Mother Nature Network)

Cate Blanchett Speaks Out for Climate Change

In anticipation of the UN Climate Change Conference next month, the Copenhagen Climate Council this week launched i speak earth, an initiative "to mobilize the strongest possible public mandate for an ambitious, binding climate change treaty at COP15"--and brought in actress Cate Blanchett to voice its animated video. See the entire clip above, and visit the website for more ways to get involved on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Woody Harrelson Confesses His Green Sins

woody harrelson not perfect green photo
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Woody Harrelson may have inspired friends and co-stars from Alicia Silverstone to Ben Foster when it comes to green living, but even he admits he's got a long way to go. "I'm not perfect by any stretch," he told Silive.com. "I have a big footprint, I fly a lot. But it's not so hard...I think really it's just about individuals making positive choices, buying green cleansers, bringing your cloth bag, buying recycled toilet paper. To be conscious of your footprint, I think, is the number one thing, and then it's not really a revolution, it's evolution, and you can evolve depending on the degree to which you care. There's a lot of big issues and it's not going to be an instantaneous change." (Via Ecorazzi)

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