EcoWordly on Bamboo, LinguaVerde on GMO, Green My Style on London Fashion Week, and More


EcoWordly: Can Bamboo Save Our Forests and Help End Poverty? by Bryan Nelson
"According to the Hanoi-based Prosperity Initiative, a shift toward more bamboo production by small scale farmers in Vietnam could bring 750,000 people out of poverty by 2020. It could also help circumvent worldwide demand for timber as a building material."Green My Style: Summer Rayne Oakes takes to the catwalk for Made By by Sarah Woodhead
"Top eco model and author Summer Rayne Oakes took to the catwalk at the London Fashion Week launch party for UK Made By, an organisation which wants to make it easier for you to tell how your fashion purchases have been made."

Inhabitat: New York Fashion Week: BODKIN Fall 2009 by Jill Fehrenbacher
"Materials are an essential part of eco fashion. And with materials such as silk blessed by the Dalai Lama, recycled PET plastic bottles, and organic cotton, Brooklyn-based Bodkin is shining example of eco-chic in the fashion world. Bodkin's designer, Eviana Hartman, started the label just a year ago, and already Bodkin is making a splash as the first eco-conscious recipient of the Ecco Domani award."

LinguaVerde: France won't overturn GMO ban by Rae Beth Gordon
"When the European Commission asked France and Greece to revoke their ban on growing Monsanto's genetically modified corn last month, France refused. Suddenly, a "secret" report by the French Agency for Health Security (AFSSA) was published in the 12 February Le Figaro newspaper, stating that the corn poses no danger to health."

My Zero Waste: Carnival of the Green # 168! by Mrs Green
"Roll up! Roll Up; the Carnival of the Green has parked its tents and marquees on our doorstep! And what a plethora of green entertainment and thought provoking articles we have lined up for you today."

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