Ecover To Show Water Film at London International Documentary Festival

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Photo credit: Marco Betti for WaterAid

Want to learn more about why conserving water is so important? If you're in London this weekend you can pop into the British Museum on Saturday for a free friends and family screening of a new film by Ecover. Following Ecover's recent trip to Ethiopia with WaterAid they have made a short documentary highlighting their community work and why they're involved with safe water and sanitation projects. If you can't make it to London then click through to find out how to order your free DVD copy...

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Photo credit: Marco Betti for WaterAid

Ecover say:

"During the initial visit to Ethiopia nearly 10 months ago WaterAid and Ecover documented the state in which many parts of the Hintalo-Wajarat region of Ethiopia found themselves as well as some of positive changes the funding of various projects can bring.

As a company, we work hard to make sure our products have the minimum impact on aquatic environment, and respect the water we use when we make our products. In the UK, we each use an astonishing 150 litres of mains water per day – an enormous amount and grossly wasteful."

To order your free DVD copy of Ecover's documentary 'Working with Water' go to the Ecover website.

'Working with Water' will be screened in the British Museum's Sackler Rooms at 5.20 pm on Saturday 3rd April.

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