Ecover — More Cleaning Solutions

Although this company isn’t new to the environmentally friendly world (established in 1979 in Northern Belgium), we wanted to take some time to tell our readers about it anyway. We featured Seventh Generation awhile back and for those TreeHuggers that might not have been able to find it, Ecover is along those same lines. Now sold internationally, each of their products, which includes cleaning and laundry products, are based on renewable plant ingredients. That means that Ecover’s products come directly from nature and are reincorporated into it after use without any difficulty. Ecover also has an ecological factory with a sustainable support structure, grass on the roof for temperature regulation, solar energy and so much more. We’ve seen Ecover numerous places and for those of you in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK, you can now refill your bottles in many organic food shops to reduce waste. Let’s get the United States in on that one, too. Thanks for the tip, Lakshmi V.!