Ecouterre Launches + Other Top Sartorial Statements From Fashion Week

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This was the week where Climate Week in New York battled for media attention with both New York and London Fashion Weeks, and on top of that Inhabitat launched the sparkling new ethical fashion site Ecouterre. As Tamara Giltsoff argues in her post for PSFK, the fashion world and climate policy world are totally at odds with each other and yet inextricably linked. While mainstream fashion is completely unsustainable, it does know, unlike those dry policy advisors, how to create a following. If only the two could have a positive influence on each other! The great news is the ethical fashion industry continues to grow in stature and influence, even Dame Vivienne Westwood made an environmental statement with her show this week.Ecouterre: The GreenShows Bring an Eco-Fashion Force to New York Fashion Week by Yuka Yoneda
'New York Fashion Week is always a blur of models, runway shows, parties and, of course, fabulous clothes. But this year, we were delighted to see something we feel very deeply about--sustainable clothing design--finally get its due."

Guardian Online: Emma Watson launches ethical fashion range with People Tree by Rachel Holmes
"Emma Watson, the actor best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, is to release a clothing collection in collaboration with the ethical fashion label People Tree."

PSFK: Climate Week Versus Fashion Week by Tamara Giltsoff
"'Fashion' is at the heart of our consumer-driven and status obsessed society; it's also a symbol of the externalization of the true costs of consumption. "I Shop Therefore I Am', said Barbra Kruger, but so overwhelmed by the status and meaning of consumption we've become it's now clear we lost our connection to the planetary resources and human capital required to make all the stuff we want. It's hard to rewind on this."

Summer Rayne Oakes: If the Fashion Industry were a Celebrity, she'd be scandalous...
"I suppose that we can go with the age old adage (augmented with a little nip, tuck, and botox) that "Any press is good press," but that's not the case when the fashion industry's pretty little digits get tarnished with a DOE (read: Destruction Of Environment). I suppose a charge of "rainforest deforestation" is more akin to a leaked sex tape - your reputation can be turned around and redeemed, but you've still lost your public virginity (or virgin forests, if you will)."

Sustain Your Style: Ten of the Best Pieces at Estethica
"Spoilt for choice, Sustain Your Style picks their Ten of the Best pieces from London Fashion Week's Estethica exhibition. Yet again, the show has been a huge success, parading the very best in ethical fashion."

Telegraph Online: London Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood Red Label by Hilary Alexander
"A giant, papier-mache frog greeted guests and an ancient, gnarled trunk, entwined with foliage, created a kind of Amazonian entranceway, at Vivienne Westwood's spring/summer 2010 show, at the Red Bull Fashion Factory. But although the setting was perfectly in keeping with Dame Vivienne's support of Prince Charles's Rainforest Project, the inspiration for her collection was much closer to home - but equally worth preserving."