EcoStiletto Kicks Up Heels at First Birthday Bash

rachel sarnoff urban foxes photo

Rachel Sarnoff in Leila Hafzi's organic silk jumpsuit with Urban Foxes in handmade eco-friendly undies. Photo by RCruger

On the first anniversary of EcoStiletto, founder/editor Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff celebrated in high style throwing an E-ticket event this week befitting the success of her go-to website for sustainable fashion and beauty. From the looks of the 400-plus who poured into Environment's store in Los Angeles to celebrate, Eco-Stiletto has does a ton to turn Ugg-boot styled carbon footprints into strappy little Manolo Blahniks (made of pleather, of course). The party was a sensory-laden eco-bazaar of all things green and chic.

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On arrival, guests slipped on a Green Youth Movement wristband, donated a scarf to Dress for Success, and hit the bar to sip Frey Vineyards organic/biodynamic wine and ONE Natural Experience eco-cocktails with 360 Vodka. They strolled through the eco-conscious furniture showroom with their Get Hip/Get Green reusable bags collecting swag like packets from sponsor Green Works' new laundry detergent line, samples of Strange Invisible Perfumes' evocative natural scents, BOKU Superfood's tasty green drink, and other goodies.

josie maran makeup photo

Model/Entrepreneur Josie Maran touches up with her green-on-the-go kit. Photo by Sarah Strack

The line was out-the-door for model Josie Maran Cosmetics environmental makeovers and endless trays of scrumptious Luscious Organic Desserts' cupcakes kept vanishing. There were also perks like Feng Shui readings, henna tattoos, Vert's eyebrow threading, and glass rings (hand-blown to order).


Planet Green's Darren Moore (Alter Eco) and Rachel Carson-Begley (Living with Ed) taste Luscious Organic Cupcakes. Photos by Sarah Strack

Green celebrities KaDee Strickland (Private Practice) and Sarah Jane Morris (Brothers and Sisters), who arrived in her veggie-diesel vintage Mercedes, kissed the "Lips Against Lead" petition to be sent to the California's legislature for banning lead-filled lipsticks. Good Magazine's Art Editor, Amrit Richmond, who volunteers for Teens Turning Green, gathered the signature lip-prints.

lipstick lead ban kisses photo

Kisses sign Teens Turn Green petition for lead-free lipstick.
Party planner extraordinaire, Rachel commented on EcoStiletto's birthday:

It's incredible how far we've come in just one short year. When I first started writing about eco-fashion and beauty, there was a very small group of women who knew what I was talking about--but an enormous group that wanted to learn more. Now that gigantic group is in the know, and they're telling their friends. I am amazed not only at how EcoStiletto has grown, but at how the movement has grown. We went from 1,000 subscribers to 33,000. We're going to change the whole marketplace!

ecoStiletto party photo

A group swarmed around the recycled tire soles on Green Bees shoes, snapping up discount coupons (EcoStiletto hands out a couple pair of its boots in August for free). Rachel jokes that her monthly eco-friendly shoe giveaways are responsible for EcoStiletto's spectacular growth, asking, "What girl doesn't respond to shoes, right?"

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EcoStiletto Kicks Up Heels at First Birthday Bash
On the first anniversary of EcoStiletto, founder/editor Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff celebrated in high style throwing an E-ticket

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