Ecospot Grand Prize Winner Announced: And the Winner Is...


Congratulations, a hearty handshake and pat on the back to Dave Schlafman (aka dmartist9) who was announced as the Grand Prize Winner of Current TV and the Alliance for Climate Protection's Ecospot contest; see our previous coverage of ithere. Schlafman's "The Sky is Falling" was voted to the top out of over 500 entries; about the video, its creator said, "I made this PSA to make people think about how much crap we pump into the air. I wanted to use a creative, simple metaphor so everyone can understand how much harm we're doing to the atmosphere and environment."

The video, which makes clever use of the apt "elephant in the room" metaphor, is now running on Current, and will be will be showcased on MySpace's Impact Channel and featured in the Alliance for Climate Protection's national campaign. True to the spirit of the contest, Schlafman used recycled brown paper bags to produce the backgrounds for his animation and then reused the bags by framing them as gifts to friends. Hit the jump to watch the winning video; a big congratulations and green thumbs-up to all the finalists and runners-up. ::The Sky is Falling and ::Current Ecospot