EcoSexuals - Love Through Verde Coloured Glasses


"I was dumbstruck, I think I ate my entire meal in silence. Pork plus NutraSweet? That was definitely our last date." Even though he probably did recycle, this poor, hapless guy missed out due to an ethics misalignment. The San Francisco magazine recently ran a story on some new marketing segmentation that was deploying the term 'Ecosexuals'. Seems Metrosexuals have already passed their use-by-date. Apparently this is supposed to be some new phenomena: guys and gals choosing their dates and prospective partners based on whether they use not-tested-on-animals shampoo, wear organic cotton chinos or eat dead critters. Hardly. E-Magazine were running stories like this a dozen years ago, and its been a long held notion that the best matches are those where values and morals are in sync. As we've reported before, dating services like Green Singles started out well over 20 years ago, as a paper based newsletter, but have, of course, embraced the web with gusto. And they are not alone out there in the online realm. We've also noted Green Passions in the past, but there is also Earth Wise Singles, Concerned Singles, Love Is Green and Human2Human as just some of the competition. "Ethical, green, fun-loving, non-smokers over 25" being the byline for the latter site. This narrowing of focus is particularly obvious in the cornucopia of vegetarian based dating sites. To mention Veggie Passions, Veggie Date and Veggie Romance is to shake a cucumber at but a few of the bunch. We are curious as how successful such eco-dating is. Did you find the love-of-your-life looking all starry eyed across a fair traded, shade grown coffee (with soy!) and organic chocolate cake? Was it the lines of their Prius or ixi that wooed you? Or maybe they brought a replaceable head style toothbrush the first night they stayed over? Give us the goss.

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