Ecosa Institute: Enrolling Now for a Sustainable Future


Over TreeHugger's relatively short but fast-paced life, it has been amazing to watch as sustainability has really begun to enter the collective conscious of the mainstream world. While we like to think we've played a part in this, it's really the work of people like Tony Brown and the Ecosa Institute (see our interview with Tony here) who give us stuff to write about. The Ecosa Institute is fostering a new, very TreeHugger design philosophy based on nature, and they want to teach it to you! They're doing fabulous work teaching the next generation of architects, designers and other professionals working with built environments that sustainability and design are not only no longer mutually exclusive, but totally complementary. The Ecosa Program is also a career exploration program, where students get an example of what it's like to work on real projects in a professional setting, as well as get exposure to the various professional options that a career in sustainability can provide. Concepts on the syllabus include passive solar design, permaculture, site assessment, alternative materials and their selection, and active solar design. For non-architects and architects alike, the work exemplifies holistic thinking in action, as well as reveals the challenges and rewards of creating feasible, practicable change for a sustainable society. We highly recommend the program to anyone interested in sustainable design; enrollment for the Spring semester is open now, and that one semester will change your whole career. For more information on the program and enrollment, visit the website; check out some examples of student work: affordable townhomes in Phoenix, an entry into the Cradle-to-Cradle home competition and some urban renewal in downtown Prescott. ::Ecosa Institute

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