EcoPanorama — An Around The World Sustainable Design Adventure


A young industrial design graduate, Mathieu Acquart, has just begun a sustainable design pilgrimage. Starting in France, his mother country, he aims to cover 15 countries in 8 months, searching out local eco-design and sustainability experts in each place that he visits. EcoPanorama’s mission is to take in a world view of contemporary sustainable design, incorporating environmental, social and cultural issues. Mathieu believes that, by talking to experts in their field to find out more about their work, he will gain a greater understanding of approaches to sustainability around the world. Hopefully as he goes he will be able to create new links and communication channels between people and countries. As he gathers information he will be able to pass it on, and as he is taught he will be able to teach. 14 months of careful planning, fund raising and research have gone in to preparing the EcoPanorama adventure. It is a bold and ambitious plan and we wish Mathieu the best of luck. We look forward to following his progress and eagerly await his conclusions on what he learns on the way. A small question to Mathieu: will EcoPanorama be a carbon neutral adventure? ::EcoPanorama via o2