EcoMiles — Money for Good


No point in trying to re-invent the wheel, when they put it pretty succinctly themselves. "Ecomiles has created the world's first development currency, also called ecomiles, that can be generated and accumulated through everyday online purchases by consumers who want to contribute to the wellbeing of the planet in their daily lives. The consumer can then choose from a range of carefully selected and vetted social and environmental projects, and credit the currency to the destination of their choice." So who is in this Ecoshop where you spend to create your EcoMiles? 714 big names from Apple to Amazon, Sony to Starbucks. While commending EcoMiles's goal to "increase funding for and widely distribute knowledge of environmentally friendly, social and sustainable practices that benefit the planet", as with Bono's Project Red, we need to bear in mind we cannot simply buy our way out of the world's problems. In most cases it has been overt material consumption that caused them in the first place. However, if you do have to make a purchase, it doesn't hurt to see it have beneficial side effects. ::EcoMiles.