Ecologic Designs Reuse Old Climbing Ropes for New Products


Since we reported, last year, on Ecologics’ reused rubber tube Goggle straps, and surfboard bags from reused billboards, they’ve been experimenting with other materials.

Seen here is their climber’s chalk bag, which combines the hemp, repurposed rubber, recycled PET polyester fleece and a reclaimed climbing rope in one product. Made in USA. The companion bracelets are crafted from the colourful sheath of a disused nylon climbing rope. (Such ropes need to be retired after a maximum of seven years, before their all important breaking strength deteriorates.)

Products like these won’t, on their own, save the world, but they help provide a market for alternative materials, whilst encouraging both designers and consumers to think outside the box of convention. :: Ecologic Designs, a.k.a. Green Guru Gear
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