Ecologic at the Powerhouse


The Powerhouse Museum is Australia's premier design archive. And as such, is very fitting that it should have a permanent eco-design exhibit entitled: Ecologic. Although there are oodles of interactives for the kids to play at, such as Bigfoot ("the first ecological footprint calculator to use Australian data and terminology") and Ecotown ("sustainability indicators at a community level") there is plenty to interest grown-ups too. A life cycle assessment (LCA) traces the complex product life of a foil packet of potato chips and a model highlights the attributes of Sydney's first 'sustainable house', which coincidently, is only about 7 city blocks away. Now, while we realise that many Treehugger readers may not be dropping in to Sydney, just to visit the Powerhouse, they can get a wealth of information from the website, including online versions of the two interactives noted above. ::Ecologic