Ecofficiency Brings LA's Smart Consumers Together

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Part Green Drinks, part non-profit, part educational organization, the new Ecofficiency aims to bring together both the green community and the green curious in Los Angeles for good times and good causes. Their launch party is tomorrow night, and you're invited.Developed by certified green event organizer Chrissy Gray and PhD candidate Jesse Baker, Ecofficiency, "the new non-political, non-profit grassroots organization educates the public about their power to demand responsibly produced products and services as consumers." The fundamental question they ask on their website and that they want others to begin asking as well is, "Are the impacts associated with producing, shipping, packing, storing, and disposing of the products, resources, and services we consume worth the benefits they provide us as individuals or to society at large?"

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LA is an area with the dollars available to consume and over-consume, and the population available to have a BIG impact on the planet (whether positive or negative). Gray and Baker think they have come up with a way to get those forces moving for positive change. They want to look at improving the environment but also to not forget about the social aspects. "It's not just about replacing one product for another," remarks Gray. They plan to work with businesses to provide better products, but also to educate them on how to run a better business and not put out so much "stuff." In addition, there is no point in preaching to the converted, so Ecofficiency plans to target the general public and show do more to explain the "why" behind going green.

Partly this will be done through monthly meetings and partly through larger events. The events are geared to be inspiring and fun, including the concert they are planning for the end of September. Part environmental education, part rock concert - that's how you make going green fun.

If you'd like to see and be seen, get more involved or just find out more about Ecofficiency, their first event is this Saturday, August 1st at Environment Furniture in Costa Mesa. Organic hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, wine, eco-exhibits and music will all be provided. There is a suggested donation of $10. :Ecofficiency
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