EcoCity, the Trade Show with Environmental Solutions for Cities


We visited EcoCity (what used to be EcoMed) today, the trade fair for new environmental solutions for cities and industry, held in Barcelona. During the four days of the show, from February 27th until March 2nd, EcoCity is measuring the CO2 emissions to then compensate for them after the event. Transportation as well as the electricity consumption of the fair ground is all taken into account. Together with the Spanish company CeroCO2, an enquiry is being made to measure the transport used by exhibitors and visitors. It’s a pilot project but EcoCity is hoping to get other events to take action by publishing their awareness raising commitment.

At the fair, a vast variety of new recycling containers in all kinds of different shapes, materials and colours are exhibited as well as the latest technologies in cleaning machines for urban areas. Quite new were the companies offering re-usable products (wipes, soft barriers, etc.) with absorbing qualities made from (partly recycled) polyurethane to clean up industrial liquid spills. A relatively small amount of solar equipment was to be seen for such a sunny country as Spain. What we enjoyed most was the stand of XCR by the Waste Agency of Catalonia who have put together a network of companies dealing with recycled products. Lasentiu, the Compostadores, Eco-Reciclat (who had the brand new Spanish edition of 'An Inconvenient Truth', printed on FSC paper, in their stand. It's available from TODAY!) as well as Zicla formed part of their stand made from recycled MDF and biodegradable carpet by MIMgreen. This bi-annual trade show has now specialised in two things: cities and the environment. Carmen Mier, Fira Barcelona, says that ‘although the sector is still being consolidated in Spain, it has grown considerably in the last ten years, largely due to an increase in social awareness and dynamic legislation. The Spanish environmental market moves some 10,820 million euros (source: Fundació Fòrum Ambiental – 2003 latest available data), which represents 3.2% of the world market and 8.9% of the E.U. market. It accounts for 1.6% of the Spanish GDP. 219,400 people are employed in the sector in Spain, mainly in waste management and water treatment.
So much from Barcelona for today. If you’re around, the show is open until tomorrow, or else in 2009. ::EcoCity

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