Ecocity, Environmental Solutions for Cities and Industry

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This week the seventh edition of Ecocity & Industry, a fair all around the environmental future of industry and cities, is held in Barcelona, Spain. It is all about waste management and recycling, air quality monitoring, renewable energies and urban cleaning.The fair is divided into four sections:

The ecosessions revolve around the four key environmental themes of waste, air water and renewable energies, with solutions for both the industrial and municipal sector.

The latest methods in energy recovery are presented: incineration, gasification, cogeneration from biomass, hydrogen biogas and other more innovative technologies such as pyrolysis, plasma gasification and combined cycle waste treatment plants.

The municipal perspective will be looking at the cleaning, collection, classification and pre-treatment of urban waste and municipal management of toxic waste.

Sustainable City is an exhibition recognising the towns and cities that have implemented the most environmentally-friendly initiatives in Spain, divided in various categories such as ‘most sustainable city’ or ‘best in mobility’.

The 3rd National Recycling Meeting brings together the recyclers in the Mediterranean region in order to analyse the situation of the sector from its environmental, technical and management perspectives.

Urban impetus, social cohesion addresses the new economic and social situation from an urban perspective through discussions and exchanges of experiences.

This year, Carbon Expo, the world's leading conference on CO2 emissions, is to coincide with Ecocity. Labelled as an international Trendsetting Conference it invites key people in the climate change and emission trading business, and companies operating in the CO2 market.

Both Ecocity and Carbon Expo are held at the Fira Barcelona, from the 27 to 29 May. Unfortunately, the web site does not offer much information about the outcome of seminars and workshops. ::Ecocity

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