Ecobunga Lists Daily Green Deals and Contests on Yahoo! Deals

Shopping Cart Full of Wrapped Packages PhotoSeems like the green deals are popping up everywhere these days, with sites like Guffly and EcoSteal, and not a moment too soon. Ecobunga, launched in 2008, shows you where you can find all of the current green contests and shopping deals all under one roof.

Image via: Eddyred on Flickr. comIf you're a fan of Yahoo! Deals, you've probably run across an Ecobunga deal as Ecobunga was recently chosen as a featured partner on the site. This means that Ecobunga can introduce green to folks that might not otherwise know about energy-efficient and green products. For those of you who cut coupons and enjoy a good deal, you've just found your advice column before any new purchase.

Ecobunga Green Website Logo ImageWhile yes getting a good deal on a new green product is nothing to scoff at, the best part of Ecobunga is the "Win Green" section. Here, they list all of the green games and giveaways they can find across the net. From winning a fancy eco-kitchen set, a birdfeeder, a recycled tote-bag and even an entire year of sustainable seafood, there is something for everyone in this section. Who doesn't like free stuff? For those of you bored at work, you can mark your calendar as "busy" for the next hour, as you tackle one entry form after another.

The Ecobunga site itself is a bit active and slightly messy, so it's hard for first-timers to navigate. Then again, if you're used to digging to the bottom of an entire pile of clothes to get a good deal, then you know exactly what to do. Each of the items on Ecobunga are researched and carefully chosen for their green performance and the site has been certified by Green America, so you don't have to worry about greenwashing here. (Though you should still do your own research to know for sure). You can also suggest products and companies or if you own a green company you can suggest an item for listing.

Bring on the bargains! :Ecobunga
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