EcoBuilding 2008 to Take Place in Sao Paulo Next May


From May 23 to 25, 2008, Brazil's biggest city is holding the International Meeting for Architecture and Technologies for Sustainable Construction.

The event aims to "explore national and international sustainable construction topics, from basic concepts to the most advanced practices of eco-design", according to the organizers. It will cover subjects such as bioclimatic design, energy efficiency and conservation, materials and life cycle assessment, water conservation and re-use, building certification, and public policies.

Invited speakers include a nice variety of nationalities and backgrounds. From left to right in the picture above, they are: Chilean architect living in Costa Rica Bruno Stagno, American architect Chris Benedict, Kenyan Phd Daniel Irurah, German architect Eckhard Gerber (responsible for the zero emissions Burj Al-Taqa tower), Spanish architect Luis de Garrido, Swedish architect Paula Femenias, and American architect and professor Volker Hartkopf.

Find out more about their work in the extended.Bruno Stagno is an architect formed in Chile and Paris, France; and one of the leaders on Bioclimatic Architecture in Latin America. He founded and runs the Institute of Tropical Architecture in Costa Rica, which studies the impact of climate and environmental conditions in the architecture of the tropics.

Architect Chris Benedict is a graduate of the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture in New York City. Along with mechanical designer Henry Gifford, she runs Architecture and Energy Limited, a firm dedicated to designing "functional buildings that are healthy, durable and extremely energy efficient", according to her own presentation.

For her work restoring apartment buildings in New York she has been named Environmental Professional of the Year in 1999 by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) International.

Daniel Irurah is lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is also director of Syn-consult Africa (a consultancy on sustainable building), and a member of the board of directors of the Green House Project (an NGO that focuses on spreading best practices in sustainable construction and livelihoods).

He is specialized in acoustics and materials in low cost housing, and has been involved in the project "Sustainable Settlements".

We have told you about German architect Eckhard Gerber's work before. He graduated from the Technical University of Brunswick and founded his own firm, Gerber Architekten, in Dortmund. He has won several awards for his work, and now also teaches design at the University of Wuppertal.

One of his projects is the self sufficient tower Burj Al-Taqa, operated with zero primary energy. According to the EcoBuilding 2008 website, he was also related to the Bahrain World Trade Center: two skyscrapers that hold three 29-metre diameter wind turbine generators.

We have also covered some work by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido, like his R4 House.

Apart from having his own studio, he is the founder and president of the National Association for the Household of the Future (ANAVIF), and presides the National Association for Sustainable Architecture (ANAS).

Paula Feminas is professor of Built Environment & Sustainable Development at Chalmers University of Technology (Göteborg, Sweden), and PhD in Environmental Sciences and Architecture. At the moment, she is focusing on retrofitting strategies for the non-domestic building stock.

Last but not least, American professor Volker Hartkopf has been teaching and researching about building systems, energy conservation and third world housing and disaster prevention since 1972. As an architect, he has designed buildings in Germany, Bangladesh, Peru and the United States.

He is co-founder of the Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics and founded and directs the Advanced Building Systems Integration Consortium.

He is currently leading the Building as Power Plant (BAPP), a six-story 64 thousand square-foot building to host the Carnegy Mellon University's College of Fine Arts. This venue will integrate energy-effective technologies and energy generation systems, to fulfill the buildings' energy needs.

EcoBuilding 2008 will be held from May 23 to 25, 2008, at the Paulista University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Registration for the congress starts at 35 US dollars for students and is up to 95 US dollars for professionals before March 15th, 2008.

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EcoBuilding 2008 to Take Place in Sao Paulo Next May
From May 23 to 25, 2008, Brazil's biggest city is holding the International Meeting for Architecture and Technologies for Sustainable Construction.