EcoBizNYC Sustainable Business Workshops Begin Tonight!


The Lower East Side Ecology Center provides NYC with a composting program and their e-waste recycling events held throughout the year (calendar of upcoming 2009 events here). Now they're presenting a new program called EcoBizNYC the mission of which is to help small businesses, students, and the general public to actively reduce air pollution, carbon emissions, and airborne environmental health hazards in NYC through environmental auditing, education, and action. The first workshop happens tonight, Tuesday, April 7. Amongst the many benefits on the table, free NYSERDA-certified energy audits. Nice.EcoBizNYC's initiatives aim to provide small businesses with resources on how to reduce their overall emissions, negative impacts on community health, and to increase their community support while saving money and increasing their community involvement. The initiatives include:

Free workshops on "greening your business", including tips on energy efficiency, greenspace creation, and more

Free sustainability audit by our EcoBizNYC team evaluating your businesses water, waste, procurement, greenspace, and more!

A free energy NYSERDA energy audit ($100 - $400 value)

A one-stop-guide to thousands of dollars saved, tax rebates, and discounts in incentives available to small businesses in NYC for environmental sustainability.

A rating and certification system that gives an in-depth analysis of the emissions impact of participating businesses

Thorough step-by-step recommendation guides for bringing environmental sustainability into small businesses

Resource and vendor guides to assist with achieving recommendations
A diversity of free advertising and community outreach

More info here and here.

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