Ecobabes. Now They'll Take Notice!


Isn't there a saying that goes something like, "keep doing what you've always done and you're bound to get the same results"? So we've had environment groups squawking climate change doomsday for decades and no-one listened. Even eminent scientists struggled to get any traction on society's collection consciousness. But when people see it at the movies, they 'get it'. Let's not stop there though. The message is vital and every medium should be explored, so that its importance permeates deep. Cue Ecobabes. Coming October 2006 is a calendar that "showcases passionate, powerful, beautiful women from Northern California who are changing the world." If Pirelli can sell rubber tyres with the concept, why not action on climate change. And, of course, it will be printed on 100% post consumer paper. A project of the Climate Projection Campaign, via Business Wire.