Eco-Tips: Jimmy Carter's Sweater


As temperatures turn downward here in North America, the Treehugger staff was reminded of an image from our younger days (well, for some of us, anyway): President Jimmy Carter in a cardigan sweater. On February 2, 1977, the newly-inaugurated president appeared on television clad in that sweater, and asked us all to take a simple step to save energy: turn down the thermostat, and put on a sweater. Almost thirty years later, we're still concerned about the costs and sources of energy, so we think former President Carter's advice makes a lot of sense.

According to the Alliance to Save Energy, a one-degree reduction on the thermostat will save you about 3 percent on your heating bill. While we focus heavily here on cleaner, greener sources of energy, one of the easiest ways to live greener is available to all of us right now: use a little (or a lot) less energy. Combined with sufficient insulation, well-sealed windows and doors, and a programmable thermostat, a sweater can help us all save a little money and energy. Taking such actions together can save us a lot of both. And the sweater you choose doesn't have to be politically safe or television-friendly... ::PBS' American Experience: Jimmy Carter and