Eco-Tip in Email Signature: Help us Start a Meme!


We all know that many people print emails for no good reason, wasting tons of paper. Lets do something about it, dear reader. Lets start a new internet meme!

Add the following lines to your email signature: "Eco-Tip: Printing emails is usually a waste. Make this tip go viral, add it to your email signature." There's an optional third line for the really devoted TreeHugger fans: "For more eco-tips, visit". You don't have to add that one, but we'd appreciate it.

This simple two-three line viral signature (if it takes off -- that's up to you!) could save a lot of paper. Most people are well-intentioned, they just sometimes lack information or need a reminder. Please take a minute and add this to your email signature. Consider it your good deed for the day!