Eco-Tip: How to Get Rid of Insects? Bats!

Lets say you want to decrease the insect population around your house but don't want to touch any of the poisons that are sold for that purpose, not even with a ten foot pole. Here's a little "Nature vs. Nature" tip that was sent by one of our readers – did we mention how much we enjoy hearing from you? Keep 'em coming! What Ryan Freebern suggests is to "convince bats to do it for you." Simple, natural. We like it. "A single bat can eat thousands of insects in a night, so by installing a bat house somewhere on your property (you can buy one pre-made or build your own), you can encourage a small colony of bats to take up residence and keep you mosquito-free." Any of our readers has experience dealing with bats for that purpose? Please let us know how it turned out. (Post scriptum: the link below is just to show examples of what is available, but you could also build it yourself and get books from the library.)

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