Eco-Tip: Avoid the Holiday Catalog Onslaught


What do you do about junk mail? We're probably a week too late on this one, but you may still have time. After a month away, I returned to a mountain of mail, including a slippery stack of catalogs, and remembered that this little accumulation was small potatoes compared with the holiday glut. With a steaming cup of tea, and my 1-800 dialing finger poised, I lanunched into an hour of polite mailing list removal requests from accommodating customer service agents (how did the Finger Hut get my name?). Since catalogs are pre-printed the effect may take eight weeks, so though I may get all of the Christmas stuff, at least the post-holiday sales and Valentine's madness won't clutter my mail box. If you want to remove yourself from other types of lists, or take some political action on junk mail, check out the Center for a New American Dream's Declare Your Independence from Junk Mail campaign. You can also pay for the service greendimes, which will make regular removal requests for you, and plant trees to counteract some of the silliness, for just a dime a day (an excellent holiday gift idea, btw!). ::