Eco startup aims to offer 1000 vetted low-carbon solutions

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ClimateStore wants to make choosing low-carbon products simple and easy by curating and vetting each product for its carbon impact.

When it comes to reducing the climate impacts of our daily lives, some of the solutions are easy and free (such as turning off lights when you leave the room, or choosing to ride your bike instead of drive), while others will require a bit more effort and money (such as replacing lightbulbs with LEDs, installing low-flow showerheads). And while there are plenty of legit eco products on the market, there are also plenty of impostors that aren't nearly as efficient or green or useful as they claim, and which are made by companies that don't give a hoot about their own sustainability.

So how can you tell if a product is really "climate friendly" and can help you lower your carbon footprint, without having to do all of the research on the product and the company yourself?, which has been repeatedly called out for its dirty coal-powered operations, already sells just about anything under the sun on its site, some of which are legit green products and some of which are greenwashed up one side and down the other. Amazon is often the go-to site for online purchases with its huge selection to choose from, but the site offers no guidance whatsoever on the eco-friendliness of the products for sale.

One eco startup, ClimateStore, is trying to provide a simpler alternative for purchasing products that can help lower the personal carbon impacts of our daily habits. For the people who don't have the time or inclination to do the homework on the carbon footprint on each green product, the company is curating a catalog of items that have been vetted for their climate-friendliness, and currently offers more than 300 "carbon-lowering household items" through its website.

But ClimateStore wants to broaden that to include at least 1000 of what it calls "climate solutions," with each one carefully researched and qualified by the team as having "a beneficial link to the climate." To that end, the company has turned to crowdfunding with a campaign on Indiegogo that seeks to raise $25,000 to help underwrite what it claims will be "the largest catalog of climate-friendly products in the world."

"We're not interested in just one cool product (or app), our goal is to discover 1,000 Climate Solutions for Everyday Life: electric bikes, energy efficient lighting, water saving devices, cleaner lawnmowers, home decor, solar and wind solutions, and way more.

"Rest assured - we only carry items that have a beneficial link to the climate. We qualify each product to see if it was made in a low carbon manner, requires less energy to use, takes less energy to throw out, or is self powered using renewable resources. We also look for budget friendly items and educational benefit." - ClimateStore

ClimateStore also has a great primer on climate change on its website, as well as an incremental plan for going green and low carbon.

While I don't think we'll be able to shop our way clear of the effects of climate change and a high carbon lifestyle, I do think this eco retailer might be a great resource for people who need some guidance on green upgrades at home or the office, and the company does appear to walk its talk with its own sustainability initiatives.

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