Eco-Social Design Workshop and Conference at Diseño con Acento, Argentina

Diseno con Acento Logo, Christian Ullman

It seems not only Buenos Aires is catching up on green and social design in Argentina. After we shared the work of Cordoba province's Gandia studio not so long ago, this city (the second largest in the country, about 700 kilometers from Buenos Aires) is now subject for another story. Next August 23 to 26, 2007, it will host the Latin American design-exhibition Diseño con Acento, which will feature an eco-social design workshop and conference with Christian Ullman (picture). This Argentine designer has a long-time experience working with native communities in Brazil in order to add value to their crafts, which he talked about with us in this interview. According to Diego Gomez, one of the organizers of the event, the workshop's goal is to "promote design with local identity, to incorporate artisan work and the region materials in the production of objects and furniture design, and to integrate marginal communities into the productive process".The workshop Ullman is leading will take place in the same venue of the fair during the first three days (August 23 to 25), from one to 4.30pm. Its main two subjects will be the incorporation of artisan crafts from native communities into the design of modern products, and the investigation of new materials from industrial and post-consume waste. However, it will also tackle themes like product life-cycle analysis and marketing (social responsibility and fair trade). Inscription is 250 pesos and 200 for students (80 and less than 70 dollars, respectively). To find out more, call 54 351 472 3053 or e-mail the organizer at diegogomez [at] disenoconacento [dot] com [dot] ar.

If you are not up for that, but still would like to see Ullman, he will also be at a conference in the fair on Thursday August 23; at 6pm. Admission to the presentation is 50 pesos and 30 for students (15 and 10 dollars).

The fair will also have other conferences focused in Latin American design identity, furniture design and industry in Cordoba, and fashion, with well-known shoe designer Ricky Sarkany.

Diseño con Acento will be hosted at the Jockey Club Hippodrome Castle, located at 800 Elias Yofre Av., Jardin neighborhood, Cordoba. ::Diseño con Acento (in Spanish)