Eco-Raffle Gives Away Hummer

How do you promote environmental awareness? With a Hummer of course! That's what a group in Miramichi, Canada, did. They needed to raise $100,000 for the French Fort Cove Eco-Center, a development with an "interactive display [to] showcase Miramichi's history and culture while promoting education and environmental awareness." How better to do that than with a vehicle classified as a heavy truck and with a fuel economy of 23 liters per 100 kilometers (around 10 miles per gallon). At first some people thought it was a joke and the Sierra Club was quite perplexed. The group behind the contest even received many complaints, but they stand behind their decision: "Leon Bremner, who helped organize the raffle, says the Hummer is drawing a lot of attention and that's just what's needed to sell tickets. He also says Hummers aren't any harder on gas than many other big trucks and SUVs." We prefer the Green Hummer Project.

::Eco-raffle under fire for Hummer prize , ::Win a Hummer! (thanks to Brian C. for the tip!)