Eco Moms vs. Nascar Dads


Listen up Moms! Now normally TreeHugger doesn't get into discussions about activism unless of course it's posted in our UnTreehugger category — take Cellboost for instance. Okay, we do have a Take Action one as well, but here's a successful organization we'd like to highlight and fully support. The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and their program called "Listen to Your Mother" is capturing women all over the country and world who are posting their pictures and letters for Bill Ford, Jr., president of Ford Motors, (aka: the biggest gas guzzler of automakers for the past five years) and are asking him to start producing zero-emissions vehicles. It is the goal of these women to help get the auto industry back on the eco-track. So Moms, help RAN in letting Ford know that mother does indeed know best and that we want to see a cleaner future for our little ones. [by KD]