Eco-mmunity: The Latest Addition to Sundance Channel's Green Minisite


Our pals at the Sundance Channel sure have been busy working on additions to The GREEN minisite that they launched a few months back. In addition to the family of blogs (one being the TreeHugger blog), the "What's the Big Idea?" video contest (for which the voting is open until the end of the month), and the green companions to the Big Ideas for a Small Planet television shows, they've just added Eco-mmunity, their "green forum for sharing ideas, debating issues and solving problems. Users (after registering for free) can connect with experts in "Green Consultations", bone up on green terms in the "Green Glossary", take a page from someone else's good work in "Green Inspirations" or take a side and engage in lively discourse in "Hot Debates". There's also the weekly "Greenzine", a paperless mag featuring environmental news and exclusive interviews and a green quiz designed to determine exactly how green your lifestyle is, from "The Champion" to "The Doomsayer". The best thing about Eco-mmunity is that it can be whatever you want: a source for further reading; a chance to vent in the forums; a fun, interactive way to get more green, so we recommend that you swing by and give it a look. Stay tuned for more new features, too; they promise an interactive green map, to help you search for all things green, coming in June. ::Sundance Channel's Eco-mmunity