Eco Mats by Eco Yoga

yoga mat.jpg
You take your practice most every day, are dedicated to your asanas and committed to your intentions, even on rainy, gray, cold days when it would be so much cozier to sit at home and meditate or stare at your poster of Rodney Yee. You eat organic foods, and all your favorite workout gear, including your mat bag, is made of organic cotton colored with low-impact dyes. But what about that most essential and consistent of items that you use to push downward dog to perfection? Now, stop and think, then ask yourself this Oprah-esque question: Could your sticky mat be made of PVC? Chances are it is.

Now if that's the case, well, here's your shot at redemption...Eco Mats by Eco Yoga are high-quality and durable, but contain no PVC. With a grippy rubber and a jute and rubber top, the mat is all-natural, but still high-performance. Machine washable and biodegradable, the non-skid mats are available in 2 or 4 millimeter thickness and are 72 inches long. Available through ::Blue Canoe, where a portion of profits support the ::Green Yoga Association, whose mission is to "foster ecological consciousness, reverence, and action in the yoga community." Only problem is, what to do with your old, eternal, PVC mat? [by MO]