Eco-Liquors to Toast the New Year (or Anything Else)

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Why is liquor on my mind? Could it be that the in-laws came to stay over Christmas? Nah, probably just a coincidence. Now that Dec. 25 has passed, it's time to plan for New Year's Eve, where people stay up too late and drink too much. And if you're going to celebrate, do it responsibly. Don't drink and drive ... and enjoy some sustainable spirits.The Sierra Club asked a handful of experts to offer picks on liquors that are organic or otherwise eco-friendly. There are a few surprises ... like Death's Door White Whisky from Madison, Wisconsin, which doesn't sound too green, but uses organic wheat, re-uses hot water and supplies spent mash to feed local dairy cows. Founder Brian Ellison is also a founding member of the environmental nonprofit 1% for the Great Lakes.

The Death's Door name, by the way, is after the body of water between Door County peninsula and Washington Island.

Not a bad start. Other recommendations include Del Maguey tequila, Juniper Green Organic Gin, Flor de Cana rum and Square One Organic Vodka.

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Check out The Green Life blog for the full list, and feel free to offer up your picks for organic or otherwise green liquors below.

Earlier this year, TreeHugger readers came up with an extra list of green restaurants. A community-generated list of green liquors can't be far behind. Happy 2011.

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