Eco-Libris and BookMooch Partner Up: Plant a Tree, Mooch a Book


Separately, TreeHugger likes both Eco-Libris and BookMooch; what's not to like about two organizations that encourage reading, plant trees, and help you get new books without having to buy them? In a move that might represent the cosmic aligning of the planets, the two have partnered up (which really makes sense!), making reading, tree-planting and book-swapping easier than ever.

Remember, Eco-Libris plants a tree for each dollar you donate (for each book you read), to help offset the paper used in printing that book (actually, it seems they plant 1.3 trees per dollar, or 4 trees for $3, since, on average, one tree in four doesn't make it); BookMooch is an online community that helps you get rid of your old books, get new books and even help charities, all for the cost of shipping. You earn points by listing and sending books, and you can use those points to request books from other users. Now, with this partnership, BookMooch users can earn points by planting trees with Eco-Libris.

For every 10 books balanced out (you get a sticker to put on the book for each one, so that's 10 stickers) you will receive a free BookMooch point you can then use to mooch a book online for free. BookMooch has over 500,000 members, all over the world, so, bouncing books everywhere has great potential to insure that more trees get planted. One had washes the other, and the world ends up with more trees and fewer new books that need to be purchased. Check out the blogs at Eco-Libris and ::BookMooch for more details, and get reading, mooching, and planting today. ::Eco-Libris and ::BookMooch

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