Eco Hero's Clever Idea to Clean Up the Bayou

Kudos to Kurt Zuelsdorf for a clever contribution to the ecosystem of the beloved birdlife on the Clam Bayou in Gulfport Florida. Zuelsdorf's idea: no rent is due on kayaks if the boater brings back a bag of trash. Field&Stream; named Zuelsdorf a "Hero of Conservation", and local news coverage has helped bring out the volunteers and financial support so that Zuelsdorf's work can keep on going. Zuelsdorf has organized events to pick up the pace of the cleanup. Current cleanup stats:

  • Pounds of trash: 32,000

  • Shopping carts: 31

  • Kayaks available: 1000 for 2008

Check out Zuelsdorf's work in his You-tube video embedded here and visit his website Kayak Nature. We give Zuelsdorf a nod for the eco-hero awards in this century.

Via: thanks to tipster Carol

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